Whimsical Nature

I’ve run a few sites over the years, it started with a personal blog called Still Waters, then I changed to Threads of Obsession (that was my fanlisting phase), then Naked Flame, then Abstract Delusion, then Whimsical Nature. I’m sure I’ve forgotten a site or two, I had a habit of changing domains often!

Whimsical Nature was closed in early October 2016 (after a rather epic reading & blogging slump that lasted almost a year, I hadn’t made an original post since the July). But after a while I missed it, and realised it had become a chore because of pressure I’d put on myself.

From the ashes of Whimsical Nature, Fleeting Whimsies was born…and then after 6 months I decided the name didn’t fit, and re-opened Whimsial Nature. Oops!

And this time I’m doing things a bit differently.

You will find few new releases being reviewed here, instead I’m going to be making my way through my rather vast personal library (it could take quite a few years). I expect I’ll find some gems along the way, as well as a few horrors. Only time will tell!



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