Hi there! Welcome to Whimsical Nature!

A very long time ago (when I was 18 or so) I decided I needed a screen name. So in various places I’m known as Wattle Neurotic (although all my social media has changed to whimsicalwattle, just to confuse everyone) or just Wattle. But really, my name is Bre (yes, that’s short for something). I’m comfortable being called either of those names, but I thought it was getting a bit weird that people didn’t know my name!

I’ve had an online presence for ten thousand nearly twenty years, I remember what it was like to not have internet. And then there was dial up. And 400mb capped internet (guess who burned through that in two days!)


Things you should know:

I am a fangirl, have a list of things I like (I like cheesy tv, don’t judge me):

  • Supernatural (the tv show).
  • The Librarians (the USA tv show, not the Aussie one).
  • The Grand Tour (or, old Top Gear).
  • Galavant (*sobs*)
  • Sense8 (I’m refusing to renew my Netflix account until it’s back Okay that’s a lie, I needed to watch Gilmore Girls).
  • Marvel Movies that aren’t The Avengers movies (with the exception of Hawkeye, he can stay) oh and Iron Man 2; we don’t talk about it.
  • DC Movies (although to be fair, “Man of Steel” sucks, I’m one of the 5 people that loved “Batman v Superman”, stupid plot and all!)
  • Guy Ritchie movies (specifically “The Man From U.N.C.L.E.” and everything that doesn’t have Madonna in it).
  • Hannibal (the tv show *clings* murder husbands).
  • Random foreign tv shows, including “Kommissar Rex”. Google it.

Other things you should know:

  • I am owned by two cats.
  • I hate pickles. And olives.
  • I like my coffee very strong, but not bitter (1 tsp of sugar is required). A dash of milk or black, I don’t really care.
  • My favourite book is “Good Omens” by Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman. Read it and you might understand my sense of humour.