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Here we go again…

Posted 3rd May 2017 by Wattle in Whimsical Nature / 16 Comments

I’m back! I think the site is all together (I worked on it solidly for two days and then did nothing so…if something is broken, let me know!)

Yes. I decided to move back to Whimsical Nature. I just feel like this space fits me better than Fleeting Whimsies – I was never really comfortable with the name. I’ve also moved back to regular hosting – which really just means I can break things by accident again, and when I do, I get to fix it lol I missed all the behind the scenes stuff; as weird as that is.

I must admit, I’ve not really read much for the past few weeks. I was on fire with the Kate Daniels series and then I hit book 6 and a plot I don’t like so…meh. I’ll get back to it, I think I’m just burned out on urban fantasy for now. It happens (I was waiting for it, I read SO MUCH in such a short time).

This post is very me, me, me isn’t it? I hope you are all doing great, I’m going to visit some blogs very soon (and then hopefully get back to reviewing things…more than once a month haha)

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