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Top 5 Wednesday #3

Posted 17th January 2018 by Wattle in Blog Hops & Memes / 16 Comments

Haven’t quite got around to writing any reviews this week, oops! So Top 5 Wednesday to the rescue!

This week the topic is: Forgettable Books

Whether you loved or hated them at the time, these are books that you just don’t really remember…

1. Christmas at the Gingerbread Cafรฉ by Rebecca Raisin
I read this, rated it 2 stars. And remember nothing at all about it at all.

2. The Thousand-Dollar Tan Line by Rob Thomas and Jennifer Graham
I love the Veronica Mars tv series, and pledged to the kickstarter for the movie as soon as they opened it to international folk. So when books were announced I was intrigued! Upon reading this I apparently liked it (4 stars), I even reviewed it! But again…the content escapes me. Oh well, will just have to re-read it before I read the second one ๐Ÿ™‚

3. Hope In Every Raindrop by Wesley Banks
This one I’m pretty sure I did as part of a blog tour. Unlike the last two, I remember bits and pieces; but not enough to get any real idea of what it was about.

4. Pawn by Aimee Carter
Read it, 5 stars! Remember…absolutely nothing lol I was going to continue the series, and then I decided not to (I get the feeling my initial reaction was an overreaction) *shrugs*

5. Dead Reckoning by Charlaine Harris
The 11th of the Sookie Stackhouse series. Probably a good thing I remember nothing, I gave it 1 star ๐Ÿ˜†


Top 5 Wednesday #2

Posted 27th December 2017 by Wattle in Blog Hops & Memes / 18 Comments

I will, one of these days, post an actual book review. But alas, Top 5 Wednesday it is!

This week the topic is: 2018 Wishlist

Looking forward into the new year, this is a list of the types of books you’d like to see more of in 2018! Try to avoid actual titles, and discuss themes, genres, or tropes you’d like to see more of in the new year!

1. Platonic relationships
I feel like I’m in a minority with this one, but I really do prefer a good platonic friendship in my novels over romance. Whether it’s between people of the same or opposite sexes, or whatever a character identifies as; I don’t care. Healthy friendships are where it’s at!

2. Cozies with a twist
Cozy mysteries are some of my favourite novels to settle down with, have a cup of coffee and something sweet, and read for entertainment value alone. But they are all just SO predictable and follow the same formula; which isn’t always a bad thing, but sometimes I just want more. More mystery, more suspense, less ‘oh it’s this dude’, more surprises, less stupid decisions by the main character *cough*, more meaning.

3. Characters with flaws
Sometimes when I want a serious read, I want characters that are more like me (I know I am super unique and all but a girl can dream ๐Ÿ˜› ) characters that are struggling (with something in particular, or mental health issues), that are existing, that push through and go great for a while and then fall back into old habits. Someone relatable that isn’t perfect all the time. Flaws, irrational fears and dislikes.

4. Textbooks that aren’t dry
Uni is starting up in a couple of months, and I’m planning to buy my textbooks a bit beforehand. But for once, I’d like a text that doesn’t send me to sleep. Is it too much to ask for? I usually have to read these things cover to cover (or if not that, a vast bulk of it) and I have such a hard time doing so because they’re just so bloody boring. And if there’s one thing I learned this year; it’s you can’t wing it!

5. Diversity
This is probably entirely my own fault, but I seem to read a lot of white books. Sure, there’s diverse background characters in some series, but it’s not really the same as having them at the centre of your attention, is it? I’m not sure if it’s just the genres I read, or what I’ve been into lately (urban fantasy, YA fantasy – oh yes, back on that bandwagon, cozies, etc), but…so white. Feel free to rec me things in the comments! I did have a list somewhere of diverse reads, but it’s mainly YA.


Top 5 Wednesday #1

Posted 6th December 2017 by Wattle in Blog Hops & Memes / 23 Comments

I try not to do a lot of memes (with the exception of The Sunday Post, which is just a nice wrap up of the week). But I thought I’d give Top 5 Wednesday a go. Sometimes I don’t have enough for Top Ten Tuesday (and don’t always like the topics); so I’ll probably do one here and there of whichever take my fancy.

This week the topic is: Bookish Things You’re a Grinch About

1. Bad photoshop covers.
I’m not going to call anything out in particular. But just because someone has just learned to blend layers in photoshop doesn’t mean they should do this ALL THE TIME. Nor should they be ‘blending’ images that don’t match at all. HQ person with a LQ something next to them/behind them? Stop.

2. Use of too many fonts.
This doesn’t seem to happen a lot, but if you’re using more than two fonts you need to have your formatting licence taken away (I’d argue keeping it at ONE font, but I can understand why some like to have different fonts for chapter titles). Also don’t use Comic Sans. Ever. Or Papyrus.

3. Instalove.
Unless Cupid and his arrows are involved. No. (Spells and potions are an exception, I suppose).

4. Covers that don’t match the content.
We’ve all seen it. A cover with a gorgeous person on the front, who you’d just assume is meant to look like the main character. Only to discover the tan brunette with brown eyes on the outside doesn’t look anything like the blonde, pale, blue eyed MC inside.

5. Different sized books in a series.
When a series first starts and the books are those large, beautiful paperbacks that are 21cm tall or whatever it is. And when it ends they’ve lost a few centimetres. YES. I have taken a ruler and measured books before ordering sequels online. YES I will go searching for a larger cover if there’s multiple versions available (but only one available in an actual store that doesn’t match, WHY?!) I’m sometimes not fussed if covers don’t match (depends on how much I love the series) but damned if you’ll mess up my shelf space!

Not that I currently have any space. But, details.