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Life Happens #5

Posted 27th May 2018 by Wattle in Whimsical Nature / 28 Comments

I’m baaaack! For real this time! There have been…a number of developments, over the past month or so.

The main one is that I dropped out of uni. Yes, really. I realised that I don’t think the career I was working toward was going to make me happy. And as it stands, I don’t think any career is going to make me truly happy. What’s wrong with just being satisfied with where you are in life? I work to live, not the other way around; and my current job is just fine…most of the time.

I actually started this post over a week ago, and can’t even remember what I was going to write. Oops! My reading mojo still hasn’t kicked back in, but I’m reading sporadically. I’ve even managed to finish a couple of books, woo! 😆

One thing I’ve been following within the community is the whole cockygate thing. What a mess! If you’ve not heard about it, here is a post by Tymber Dalton that is a general summary (with links to further information), and the vibe of it reflects my reaction. Just. WTF?! One good thing to come out of it is that I’ve discovered more authors to support (and a few to avoid).

I managed to hurt my back a couple of months ago (I’m turning into an old lady!) I was bending over to pick up a t-shirt to hang on the clothesline and when I straightened up my back was all ‘lol HI LET ME GIVE YOU PAIN FOR NO REASON!’ My physio said my muscles were stuck ‘on’ and it’s not quite 100% better but I’m almost there. Between this and the time I pulled a quad muscle when going to kneel on the floor, I do wonder if my body is just falling apart!

Oh. I got a new tattoo! My first in over 10 years (and my 7th overall). I’m too lazy to resize and embed a photo, but here’s an instagram link, just after it was done so it looks a bit swollen. It’s all healed now, and as it turns out – it’s hard to take photos of your own upper arm.

As for blog related stuff. I’ve changed hosts to Flywheel. It took me a while, but I realised I like managed wordpress a lot more than doing it all myself; but I also like having the freedom to add my own plugins and stuff. It’s much easier to manage my site (and harder for me to break things haha). They made it really easy for me to transfer to https too, I did have a couple of hiccoughs; but I could figure them out this time. Sorry, I sound like an advertisement. I’m not, I just like them a lot!

Also, for those of you signed up to receive my blog posts via email: I have ceased using the provider I was and am now using Jetpack (WordPress). I did not transfer any details over, so you’ll have to sign up again (widget in the sidebar). I’ve also updated my Privacy Policy (which took days thanks to the GDPR stuff, phew! Look at all those words!)

And that’s me done. I’m going to go catch up on some blogs!

Edit: Crap. The previous provider of my blog post emails sent this one out. I’m so sorry guys. That contact list is being deleted right now! I thought I’d disabled it, apparently not 🙁 ugh.

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Life Happens #4

Posted 8th April 2018 by Wattle in Life Happens / 28 Comments

I didn’t mean to disappear for almost 3 months. It just kind of happened.

I also didn’t mean to blog today, but I’m sitting on my bed with lecture notes spread out all over it, text book and notebook by my side; naturally it seemed like a good idea to do so 😆

Here’s a short list of what my past few months have looked like:

  • I have not read a book since I finished Bite Club in late January. I did try to read the next novel in the series but got annoyed at everyone and everything in it. And honestly haven’t even glanced at a book since.
  • Somehow I became addicted to watching Ink Master during two weeks I took off work (just because I could, staycation ftw!) And then I worked out I had soooo many seasons to catch up on, so have been working my way through seasons 1 to 10 (up to season 5 at the moment). Everyone is so bitchy, I love it!
  • And then there’s the weird Property Brothers thing (they have so many shows). I want to renovate a house when I have money and time to do so. Maybe when I’m 60?
  • Uni started. I dropped my statistics unit pretty quick (second time I have done this), then realised it’s an elective from a list with about 10 options I can choose from; so it’s off my list! I can’t remember if I mentioned it, but I changed my degree from Environmental Science and Marine Science to Genetics & Molecular Biology and Biological Sciences. There’s way more contact time than I was expecting 😮 but I get to wear my lab coat a lot more, so win?
  • I do sometimes question my sanity about being a ‘mature age student’. I’m pretty sure I’m older than my lab demonstrators haha. The plus side: student discounts.

I hope everyone is well. I have been reading blogs here and there, but not commenting (sorry). I will try to catch up with everyone over the next few days.

I’m not sure where my blog is going to go from here. Books, life, other stuff? There’s not much motivation in me right now; but from past experience I know I’ll pick up a read at some point in the future which will light the spark again. It’s just a matter of time.

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Letting The Fangirl Out #1

Posted 12th November 2017 by Wattle in Letting The Fangirl Out / 16 Comments

I wasn’t actually sure what to call this post, so…there. I have a couple more gigs coming up over the next 6 months that aren’t my usual heavy metal in a nightclub sort…and last night was about as far away from metal as I can get.

Dad and I went to see Take That. People’s reactions to this have generally been, ‘are you fucking serious?’ because they don’t know me very well 😆

And if you don’t know who Take That are, think English boyband from the 90s. And then watch this:

They actually played that last night, boyband dancing and all. And the only thing that was in my head was that video ^ and I laughed the entire way through it hahaha

There’s only 3 of them these days (they started with 5, then were 4, then broke up, and on it goes).

Apparently they were out here 22 years ago, but I was in Papua New Guinea then. I grew up on the musical diet that MTV Asia served (UK top 40, J-Pop and K-Pop), when we returned to Australia everyone was into the Backstreet Boys and I was all about Boyzone, 911, Take That, Caught in the Act, the list goes on and on (and on lol)

Don’t get me wrong, I like BSB well enough, but I think all those UK groups far outstripped them in talent and terrible music videos 😛

Take That weren’t my favourites (though they gave me Robbie Williams ♥ ) but they were up there.

And they were pretty damn amazing last night. It didn’t seem like anything was missing. Their band was excellent, they were excellent. Their dancing was hilarious (and I’m pretty sure they just do it to certain songs to take the piss – also they obviously have perfect knee joints to be bouncing around like that 😆 )

The crowd was mainly my age and older, lots of reluctant husbands in tow (and I mainly heard English accents all night, so I guess the expats were out in force!) some had brought their kids who all had their grumpy faces on by the end of the night lol

It was good fun, I’m glad I went. But I do wish they wouldn’t let people bring alcohol into venues like that, particularly if it’s an all ages event. Let them drink outside, but not during. We had an incident where a lady went a bit crazy when Dad accidentally knocked over a glass of wine she had left in the middle of the row, where people walk to get past. She had already had a few and her husband spent 15 minutes talking her down. It was an accident but having her spit ‘what’s he done to rectify it?!’ and hissing and swearing at her husband about wine possibly being all over his expensive shoes took the shine off the night.

It’s the second large concert I’ve been to in a row where drunk people have ruined the experience. The last one was Adele, where a guy who was off his face got really angry at a security guard for blocking his view, and then got all sappy and apologetic later on. I spent half the time expecting him to punch someone and get thrown out.

And the funny thing? I’ve never had an experience like that at rock or metal gigs, which are usually in bars or nightclubs! I did have beer spilled all over me once, but that’s what you expect in a mosh pit (if you can move).

I’m not entirely sure what the point of this post was. But it was pretty cool to see a boyband from my tween days now I’m in my 30s, I think they’d put most current acts to shame.

I just found this gem on YouTube, I am so amused. And I’m waffling, so I’m going to end here.

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My Favourite Genres

Posted 3rd September 2017 by Wattle in Books, Random Things / 10 Comments

I am struggling with motivation so much lately. Not just blog and reading related, but life related. Study is such a slog right now! I won’t talk about work, because that’s not great either. Roller derby training is good, aside from the fact I injured myself (outside of training) and haven’t been able to skate since my first session – my physiotherapist reckons I will be able to next week though, fingers crossed!

So I logged into my WordPress dashboard just now, and I was going to do a review, but I don’t want to do a review. Then I was going to do a general ‘this is what’s going on with me’ post, but I didn’t want to do that either (and I just covered that above, I suppose). And then I thought…I could talk about things I like, things book related…favourite things!

And here we are. A post about my favourite genres, and why they’re my favourite genres. Yay!(?) I’ve decided to do a top 3, to keep it simple.

1. Cozy Mystery

When cozy mystery was first offered to me, I was very, very confused by its existence. Was it mystery? Was it chick lit? Did it always involve baking and/or cats? It seemed a bit silly and I just didn’t want to read it. So I ignored it, and then…I can’t remember how this came about, read one by accident. That was the end of that! I read cozy when I want something light, something fun, and something predictable. There’s going to be a murder, the heroine is going to get in trouble for investigating, 95% of the time there WILL be baked goods. Sometimes I’m disappointed by cozies, but I’ve found a few reliable authors over the past few years (and I’m always willing to try more!) This is the genre I read when I’m in a rut.

Cozy mystery recommendation: You Can’t Get Blood Out of Shag Carpet by Juliette Harper. This book is a gem, I’m so sad there aren’t more in the series 🙁

2. Fantasy

Not high fantasy (well, not very often), but urban fantasy and ‘low’ fantasy (is that what it’s called?) I like it when fantasy is set in the recognisable world, when it seems possible that magic and monsters could exist. I guess it comes down to me feeling more connected when a setting is familiar?

Neil Gaiman is probably my favourite author – I like how absurd everything is, his work is a bit dark and there’s always some humour. Followed by Rick Riordan (I am a sucker for his YA stuff), J.K. Rowling (of course), Ilona Andrews, etc.

Fantasy recommendation: this is where I’d usually recommend Good Omens by Terry Pratchett & Neil Gaiman buuuuut let me shake things up, Rivers of London by Ben Aaronovitch, also known as Midnight Riot in the USA which makes zero sense, but whatever (the audiobook is also REALLY GOOD!)

3. Holiday/Christmas

Confession: I don’t really dig Christmas. Sure. I like having time off and eating lots, but it’s summer at Christmastime here and it’s always hot and eating hot food on a hot day? Not pleasant. It’s a holiday I find exhausting and it’s always followed by nothing but cricket being on tv.

Christmas themed books though? Give them to me! I tend to read them during July and then again in December. They’re almost always romance or chick lit, but they also always involve winter and that shiny happy ‘this is what Christmas should feel like!’ feeling (well, mostly) *sigh* I’ve read plenty of duds, but there’s some warm and fuzzy ones out there that I really do enjoy!

Christmassy recommendation: Merry Christmas, Mr. Miggles by Eli Easton. Sappy m/m romance is one of my things 🙂 added bonus if it involves Christmas!

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Life Happens #3

Posted 22nd March 2017 by Wattle in Life Happens / 7 Comments

I was going to do my monthly review for February, but then realised I don’t have all my data tallied so…that’s not going to happen!

I really didn’t mean to neglect my blog for a month (I’m actually having trouble with the fact it is indeed, one whole month!) but uni started again and for the first week it was fine, the second it was not. I dropped a unit, picked up another, dropped that too and am sticking with Chemistry for this semester. Adding anything else on top just seemed too hard.

For a couple of weeks I didn’t read a thing, but somewhere along the way I have become obsessed with the Kate Daniels series by Ilona Andrews. Goodness me. I’m up to book 4 (yes, I went and bought ALL OF THEM in paperback haha) and it is SO good, I sure hope it stays that way!

The fact I’ve been neglecting my blog means I totally and completely failed the Blog Ahead challenge *sigh* I got a grand total of zero posts done. Ooops! So I’m just going to have to wing it for a while, I’m hoping I’ll find some motivation somewhere to get some drafts done up at the very least.

My motto these days is to not stress and take care of myself first. So I imagine my posting will be totally sporadic (now I’ve said that, I bet it ticks over like clockwork 😛 ) but I am still around. Off to catch up with some blogs now, I’ll have actual content soon (I hope!)

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Life Happens #2

Posted 20th February 2017 by Wattle in Life Happens / 14 Comments

I have a list of reviews to write, and the notes to write them; but I’ve not quite got there yet. Oops! There is a Blog Ahead challenge coming up I believe and I will be taking part (once I get that post up haha!)

Things have been busy in my world. I’m not entirely sure where the last month has gone.

I finally got myself out of the public system when it comes to my kidneys (I love Australia’s public healthcare system; but since I can afford to not be in it, I’d rather go private – it frees up space for someone else), and was told entirely different things by my new specialist compared to the old. I don’t have a serious condition; it’s something that may eventually lead to one though. He’s taken me off half my medications (not necessarily a bad thing) and we’ll revisit everything later this year. I am cautiously optimistic.

Last week I had another skin cancer removed. Getting a bit sick of those, but there’s nothing I can do about it (they’re not caused directly by sun exposure, but by a medication I’m on). It wasn’t on my face this time, so that’s a win 🙂

University starts again very soon. I went in today to sort out some parking and get my ID revalidated and it was a madhouse! Students eeeeverywhere! I usually study externally but I have to go in a few times each semester – this coming semester I’m studying one unit on campus; I’m not really looking forward to it but I have to do it!

Aside from that, I’ve been reading – slowly. I’m hoping to finish at least one more book before the end of the month. I’ll be spending some time on public transport later this week, which will give me some extra time to read.

I hope everyone is having a lovely February!

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Life Happens #1

Posted 15th January 2017 by Wattle in Life Happens / 12 Comments

I know I should blog more than once a week, it’s not like I don’t have a backlog of posts and reviews to write, but I’m struggling with motivation at the moment.

Our weather has been so up and down the past couple of weeks, and I get headaches when there’s extreme changes in temperature; the one I’ve got now I’ve had all week. Woe is me, etc, etc. It’s nothing new and I can function perfectly fine for the most part, they just make me grumpy when they last more than a couple of days.

I absolutely loathe summer, but I’m looking forward to it settling in so my head doesn’t hurt anymore.

Anyway. There is nothing else going on in my life right now! Uni is on summer break, which is both a blessing and a curse. I’ve been so bored with nothing to do; or more accurately, nothing to urge me to procrastinate. I’ve been reading a lot, I read a book today that’s due for review but I’m going to sit on it a couple of days so my review isn’t so…bias, I guess.

Does anyone else have that issue? I find if I review a book mere hours after finishing it, I can get swept up in a gleeful haze and don’t really think about what I’ve read properly. I need to digest a book, think about it for a day or two before I trust myself. Particularly if I really loved something, you should see my notes for A Discovery of Witches that I finished just after New Year, my giddiness really comes across lol.

Speaking of, I’m hoping the sequels arrive this week so I can continue the series, I’m getting a bit impatient now. The book I’m trying to read (The Alienist) feels like a slog, because I’d rather be reading about witches and vampires – I’m thinking I might put it aside until I’ve got the All Souls Trilogy out of my system, The Alienist really IS good so far, but my heart isn’t in it.

I think that’s enough of my blabbing for now! I hope you all had a lovely weekend!

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