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2017 Blog Ahead – October

Posted 1st October 2017 by Wattle in Challenges / 4 Comments

Hosted by Anna @ Herding Cats & Burning Soup (via The Herd Presents).

The goal? Up your number of scheduled posts by 30 in one month. The catch? The posts must be dated November 1st or later.

Blog Ahead aims at helping you cut the stress by blogging ahead and creating a stockpile of scheduled posts that are ready to go when life gets a little crazy.

Sign up HERE!

I’ve failed at this challenge every single time I’ve signed up for it. But since I have dropped my studies for the semester (short version: my mental health was suffering and I decided it wasn’t worth continuing this year), I actually have time to do this. Motivation is another story, but I shall try!

I plan to have a few posts go up in October, but also 30 (eep!) scheduled for November onwards.


2017 Mini Blog Ahead #1 (March 1 – 15)

Posted 25th February 2017 by Wattle in Challenges / 8 Comments

Hosted by Anna @ Herding Cats & Burning Soup (via The Herd Presents), this challenge is all about getting ahead in your blogging by upping your number of scheduled posts by 15 during the challenge.

This is great prep for vacations, emergencies, and just helping get through blogging slumps or busy weeks. Having posts ready to go can be a huge relief! Stop last minute blogging in its tracks and join in! Sign up HERE!

I always fail at the Blog Ahead challenges haha but this is a mini one, less chance to fail! There’s another mini challenge scheduled for the second half of June and the main one that runs for all of October. I will of course be taking part in all three, since I need all the motivation I can get!

So come the end the middle of March I hope to have 15 posts scheduled for the rest of the month and into April. We’ll see how it goes.