I’m resurrecting a couple of features from Whimsical Nature, and adding a couple more!

“From the Vault” is where I (re)review a book (or movie) that I’ve read/seen before but never reviewed, or I elaborate on one of my many one sentence reviews from my early days of using Goodreads!

“The Aussie Muster” is where I review books by local authors.

“A Trip Down Memory Lane” is pretty much what it says on the tin, where I revisit books from my childhood or talk about what made me love them as a kid, and why I’m too scared to read them now (there’s a few of those!)

“Life Happens” is me not talking about books and talking about me instead (self-centred, I know 😛 )

“Monthly Overview” is an overview of my bookish month, usually posted at the beginning of the following month. How many books I’ve read, how many I’ve bought, etc.