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Top 5 Wednesday #1

Posted 6th December 2017 by Wattle in Blog Hops & Memes / 23 Comments

I try not to do a lot of memes (with the exception of The Sunday Post, which is just a nice wrap up of the week). But I thought I’d give Top 5 Wednesday a go. Sometimes I don’t have enough for Top Ten Tuesday (and don’t always like the topics); so I’ll probably do one here and there of whichever take my fancy.

This week the topic is: Bookish Things You’re a Grinch About

1. Bad photoshop covers.
I’m not going to call anything out in particular. But just because someone has just learned to blend layers in photoshop doesn’t mean they should do this ALL THE TIME. Nor should they be ‘blending’ images that don’t match at all. HQ person with a LQ something next to them/behind them? Stop.

2. Use of too many fonts.
This doesn’t seem to happen a lot, but if you’re using more than two fonts you need to have your formatting licence taken away (I’d argue keeping it at ONE font, but I can understand why some like to have different fonts for chapter titles). Also don’t use Comic Sans. Ever. Or Papyrus.

3. Instalove.
Unless Cupid and his arrows are involved. No. (Spells and potions are an exception, I suppose).

4. Covers that don’t match the content.
We’ve all seen it. A cover with a gorgeous person on the front, who you’d just assume is meant to look like the main character. Only to discover the tan brunette with brown eyes on the outside doesn’t look anything like the blonde, pale, blue eyed MC inside.

5. Different sized books in a series.
When a series first starts and the books are those large, beautiful paperbacks that are 21cm tall or whatever it is. And when it ends they’ve lost a few centimetres. YES. I have taken a ruler and measured books before ordering sequels online. YES I will go searching for a larger cover if there’s multiple versions available (but only one available in an actual store that doesn’t match, WHY?!) I’m sometimes not fussed if covers don’t match (depends on how much I love the series) but damned if you’ll mess up my shelf space!

Not that I currently have any space. But, details.