Review Policy & Rating System

Please Note: I do not accept review requests. This includes excerpts, guest posts and interviews.

I read adult, YA, NA, chick lit, cozy mystery, fantasy, steampunk and soft science fiction novels. Occasionally I participate in book tours and review books from NetGalley. Where applicable it will be noted in the book review whether the book was received for free for review purposes; under no circumstances will this disclaimer be omitted.

Whimsical Nature provides honest reviews (if I don’t like something, I say so!) Every review on this site is my opinion only and should be taken as such; no offence is intended if a negative review is posted.

All books are rated out of 5 stars, my rating system is as follows:

0 Stars – Did Not Finish
1 Star – Hated it
2 Stars – Did not like
3 Stars – Liked!
4 Stars – Liked rather a lot!
5 Stars – Loved!

Occasionally I will use half stars, for example: if I rate a book 2.5 stars, I didn’t not like it, it was okay but not worth 3 Stars.