Monthly Overview #1: January 2017

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This year I’ve started using a spreadsheet created by All About Books to track how many books I’ve bought/received/read and I thought that would be a good monthly post, because seeing those numbers just before I wrote this made me go ‘oh god…’ lol

January 2017
Books Bought: 21
NetGalley: 3
Freebies: 15
Total: 39

Books bought also includes freebies on Amazon, because I one-clicked, it’s like I purchased them. The spreadsheet has a ‘gifted’ source which I’m using to track freebies from author newsletters and sites.

Of the books I bought:

6 of them were freebies

15 were ones I purchased
– 4 of those were ebooks
– 9 were paperback
– 2 were cookbooks

Ah cookbooks, blew my budget out of the water. Oops. The spreadsheet is great for tracking how much I’ve spent (even if the figure did make my eyes water, thank goodness for people that bought me book vouchers for Christmas!)

Stores I bought from were Booktopia, Book Depository, Wordery and a local 2nd hand store. Amazon US for my ebooks.

Books I Read:

In January I read 6 books (and 2 short stories; I’ve not decided how I’m tracking those yet, since they’re in actual books but are being read out of order).

5 were regular books, 1 was an audiobook (actually it was a radio dramatisation!)

All 6 were adult books ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

1933 pages read, 259 minutes listened

Not a huge amount (I don’t read as fast as I used to) but certainly more than I thought I’d get through ๐Ÿ™‚


8 responses to “Monthly Overview #1: January 2017

    • Seriously, story of my life. I wonder if I’m ever going to get to the point where I don’t buy all the books and read them instead lol

  1. I also started keeping a spreadsheet this year, but only for books that I read and all kinds of stats about those. Yeah cookbooks are pricey. I don’t really buy a lot of cookbooks anymore and get most of my inspiration from Pinterest nowadays.

    Nice you got so many books read. I also count novella’s as books, although they can make it seem like I read much more than i did. I mostly read adult books this month as well.

    • I have quite a few cookbooks that I really should get rid of, but they’re just so pretty! I don’t buy them often anymore either, but every now and then I come across one that I think will be neat. I even use them sometimes haha mainly for sweet stuff. I’m trying to branch out with actual food though; hence the new purchases ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. Ooh, this is a wonderful idea Bre, I’ve never considered tracking my monthly progress. I think seeing it on paper is probably great motivation to set yourself reading goals and also track your spending. You should turn this into a monthly meme, I’d definitely sign up. Such a wonderful month of reading sweetheart and so many lovely new books! <3

    • Far too many new books, when am I going to read them all?! I told myself I’d be better in February, but I think I’m lying to myself lol

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